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Always Trust the Intuition of Your Mistress
Feb 26, 2012
Finding myself happily bound once again inside the Silk Trap of Mistress Morganna, and ever increasing my devotion to Femininity, She began to notice traits of my inner Femme' personality. Devina wasn't a pain slut, she never ever wanted to displease her Mistress, and she always did her best to perform to the utmost of Mistress Morganna's whims and desires. However as well mannered and behaved as devina was, Mistress Morganna could see the inner slut developing, and like the demure girl at the high school dance who winds up at the prom being gang banged in the bathroom, She was recognizing that devina's true nature was as a slut. Mistress Morganna knew how to test Her theory and exactly when to get me to admit my deepest desires, and that was always at the end of Her strapon as She pounded my asspussy. Her str*p*n was like an irresistable truth serum, and while She f*cked me, She would never fail in having me admit what it is I loved most. This time She pushed the envelope farther and as always I eagerly accepted the opportunity to fall deeper into the Silk Trap. "Maybe I should have you over in front of all my Girlfriends so we can all take turns in fucking your tight ass? Would you like that slut?" With those words, my mind exploded at the thought of being used as a Femme' slut in front of a group of Women, all amused, laughing, humiliating me, fucking me with their str*p*n c*cks, gagging me with their panties to keep me quiet as they continued to use me up completely as their plaything sissy slut. "Oh yes Mistress!" " Oh I bet you would buttslut!! We could all take turns fucking your little bum hole until you cried, and to shut you up we could all take turns sitting on your f*ce while another takes a bigger c*ck, and a bigger one still. You would have no choice but to fuck all our c*cks until we were done with you..." The picture Mistress Morganna was painting was exciting beyond words, yet terrifying at the same time. The idea of being presented in front of a group of Women sight unseen was so jolting yet as Mistress Morganna kept ramming Her c*ck into my asspssy, I wanted a taste of that so badly! "Oh yes Mistress! uh-uh-uh-pl-pl-please! " I moaned loudly... It didn't take long for me to lose control of my senses and I found myself pushing back hard on Mistress Morganna's cock as I brought myself to the edge of control. My mind was filled with swirling images of Anna, Mistress Morganna, and dozen's of other Women I secretly harboured fantasies of being with, fully transformed, all in the room together watching me perform like a total sissy whore. Mistress Morganna grabbed my hips and slammed Her str*p*n deep into my asspussy and I moaned loudly as I started c*mming hard! I felt possesed on the end of Her c*ck and rode it to completion as I heard Mistress Morganna laugh as my gurl clit shot it's mess all over as I twitched uncontrolably.
Why I No Longer Do BDSM (Part 2)
Apr 20, 2010
Like I said in (Part 1), I am a true sub and practiced BDSM for many years until quitting about 15 years ago. The second reason I quit is because it is so difficult to find a truly "Dominant" woman. I've only really found one in all my years where I could say, she is a true, genuine Domme. That was the magnificent Mistress Morganna of Edmonton. I was probably one of her first clients. I saw her exclusively for several years in the late 80's and early 90's. But like most of us "bad boys," I am promiscuous and crave variety, so I sought new experiences with different dommes which led to the "bad experiences" I discussed in the Part 1 thread. When I say a true genuine Domme is rare, what I mean is that most women are naturally sexually submissive in nature. This precludes them from being a true Domme! A true genuine Dominatrix will never provide "normal" SP services! She will only dominate men, never serve them. She will also never "switch." Her true, dominant nature will not allow it! There are only a few Dommes out there who meet this criteria. Buddha2, an admitted male dom, revealed in a recent thread on female subs, that he finds them by going to SPs who advertise themselves as dommes and then slyly convinces them to try a "switch" to submission so they see both sides of the experience. Apparently, many of these "so called" dominatrixes will fall for this ruse, revealing their true submissive nature! A true lifestyle Dominatrix would never fall for such a "manipulation!" I also believe that only such a genuine Lifestyle Dominatrix can take the kind of control over you that is required to fully experience the bliss of submission! Just my humble opinion.
You'll Fly!
Mar 30, 2008
Another vote for Mistress Morganna. Very experienced. You'll have fun. You'll fly!